Foothills Midwifery

The Home Birth Supply List

  • 6 big old towels
  • 10 old facecloths (used for hot compresses or cleanup)
  • Old panties
  • 4 old receiving blankets 
  • 2 old toques for baby
  • Flannel sheet or fleece blanket for mom
  • Two newborn outfits, undershirt, sleeper
  • Night shirt or pajamas for mom
  • Painters drop cloth (Home Hardware has a blue absorbent style with plastic back for $18) this will protect bedding and carpet.
  • Old blanket
  • 2 lg. ziplock bags (for placenta)
  • Two large garbage bags
  • Bright Flashlight with batteries
  • Digital Thermometer
  • 1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide
  • Bleach
  • Package of blue disposable under pads
  • Package of Large/Long size Maxi Pads
  • Arnica Montana homeopathic pellets
  • Peri-bottle (old rinsed shampoo bottle or water bottle with pull top)


  • Tub in master bath or a 22"x66" 3 ring inflatable backyard kiddie pool available at Canadian Tire
  • Small-size plastic sieve
  • Large drop cloth or tarp under pool to protect against water drips
  • Garden hose with adapter that fits onto an indoor faucet for filling the pool

Place all supplies in a laundry basket(s). This keeps things organized for us, and is essential when things are moving quickly.

For Emergency Preparedness Tape address onto phone for quick reference.

Have a bag packed in case there is a need to move to the hospital.