"'Ask me for strength and I will lend not only my hands but also my heart.' Marie and Kathleen supported us every single step of the way for the birth of our two children, one at the hospital and one at home. Their love for what they do is felt the entire time you are one of their patients which made bringing Klara and Oliver into this world very special for us.  We feel so blessed that they were a part of this experience with us. It's because of Marie and Kathleen that our memories of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum are filled with laughter, tears of joy, sweet moments with our new babies and just a whole lotta love. We will be forever grateful to Marie and Kathleen."


"Initially, I had met Marie through the low risk clinic in the High River hospital. By pure chance, I had her for most of my monthly visits. At 11 days overdue, I finally went into labor with my first baby and can vividly remember writhing in pain when I heard her voice enter the room. She wasn't on in the maternity ward that day, yet took the time to come and visit me, encourage my husband and even snap a quick picture, to which I was *SO* unimpressed at the time, but I greatly cherish it now. It was then and there, I decided I wanted to use midwives at any future births.

Fast forward ten months, and there I was, pregnant with baby number two. Immediately, I made a call to Foothills Midwifery, and a few days later, received a call informing me that both Marie and Kathleen were happy to have me as a patient. I was overcome with thankfulness, but I had no idea how these two women would impact my life.

My husband and I both wanted a home birth, and upon out first meeting with Kathleen, we both felt secure it was the right choice for us. I loved meeting Kathleen for the first time, and felt an incredible amount of warmth from the first greeting to the farewell hug. As my pregnancy progressed, I felt informed, in control and with each appointment, more grateful for these two extraordinary women and the personal care I was receiving. When I went into labor, my husband called the pager and with each pace around our kitchen island, I could not wait for them to arrive. Kathleen checked me and I was five centimetres. Soon after, Marie arrived and I knew the time was getting close. Along with my doula, they encouraged me to try stairs, and then informed me of the next best step, which was to break my water. 30 minutes passed, and I was in the tub, pushing with all my might. And then, it happened. Our sweet Kayla Muriel made her entrance and we all cried. It was a beautiful moment I will never forget, when they placed her on my chest. I received the best postpartum care imaginable, and looked forward to each scheduled visit. When the time came to discharge me as a patient, I knew it wouldn't be long before we saw them again.

Ten months later, we found out we were pregnant, and was a huge shock! Sadly, that sweet baby did not make it earth side, yet with the wisdom and guidance of Kathleen, she put me in the best hands possible. She listened when I needed it most, and made sure I recognized that losing this baby was not my fault. I kept her words close to my heart, as my body and mind healed, but wondered if we would ever be able to experience another home birth.

And then, four months later, we found out we were expecting! Our first call was to Foothills Midwifery, and once again, we were elated when they accepted us! That pregnancy was a journey of fear and doubt, that my body wasn't going to carry my sweet babe to full term again. At each appointment, I was able to be open and honest about my feelings. It was a blessing to have an unbiased and fully truthful ear to hear my deepest thoughts. When I went into labor at four in the morning, and straight into transition might I add, I wasn't sure I was going to make it through. Soon thereafter, I felt Kathleen's hand of comfort on my back, and with each overwhelming contraction accompanied with her insight, I was able to let my body do what it wanted. One hour later, we welcomed our precious Addison Faith, completely healthy. I was never more thankful, to have a midwife so close to home, as we never expected to have a one hour birth!

Thinking we may be done at three, I was in complete disbelief when at seven weeks postpartum, we discovered baby number four was on the way. No one could believe it, and I began to doubt that my body could do it all over again. I was so certain, this baby was going to have a genetic defect. As always, both Marie and Kathleen listened when I cried, hugged when I felt overwhelmed and offered a mothers love when at 40 weeks, we welcomed our third little girl into this world. With another one-our labor in the books, the relief I felt when Kathleen placed our Hannah Everly on my chest, was indescribable. Knowing my relentless fear of having an unhealthy baby, I was overcome with emotion when Kathleen whispered in my ear she was completely prefect.

These women poured their heart and soul into me, my children and entire family. Between the countless phone calls, personal conversations and endless emotional support, words fall short when it comes to my humble and grateful heart for all they have done for us. I feel honoured to know them, and beyond blessed to have had them walk beside me for that season of life. Like mothers, they loved unconditionally, pick me up when I was down and gave every part of themselves, all to ensure I had the best possible outcome, and for that, we are eternally grateful!

Thank you, Marie and Kathleen, with all my heart."


"Moments in life as special as growing, embracing and tending to a newborn, is a momentous time in a women’s life.   Choosing the right care was an important decision for my husband and I.  Our journeys with Kathleen and Marie were extraordinary.  Encouragement, guidance and support throughout my pregnancies, flourished my spirits.  Guiding, inspiring me to birth in water at home, reassuring me in my body and the natural abilities it has to birth a new life.  Their warmth, calm and nourishing presence at the births, eased my labors to unforgettable moments.  As I gazed into my newborns eyes, they tended quietly in the background, creating an experience like no other.  From the positive pregnancy tests, the comforting prenatal appointments, labors, deliveries and postpartum visits, these ladies made my experiences the most memorable moments in my families lives.  No amount of gratitude or hugs will ever be enough, for sharing my journeys with them."