During Pregnancy

The midwives meet the expectant mother regularly in early pregnancy. The initial visit will last between thirty minutes and one hour. All subsequent visits will last between twenty and thirty minutes. This allows us to assess the physical health of the pregnant woman and that of her baby. There is time set aside for a discussion focussed upon pregnancy teaching. As a primary caregiver, the midwives take the responsibility for care in the same way that one may expect of a family physician with access to laboratory testing and ultrasound.


During Labour

The midwives are on call twenty-four hours a day. Continuous support is provided whether a women chooses to give birth at home or in a hospital. The midwives carry emergency equipment and medications. The midwives are fully trained to detect and handle any emergency situations that may arise during the course of labour.


After the Birth

Immediately after the birth of your child, the midwives assess the physical health of the mother and the baby, and provide all the necessary care including breastfeeding support. In the days that follow the birth of your child, the midwives will see you at home visits or hospital visits. The midwives are available and can be contacted by phone during the first six weeks following your child's birth. Your care is then transferred to your family physician.